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Kids Are Important at Argyle…

We do some things differently at Argyle. Children's Ministry is one of them.

We don't have traditional Sunday School at Argyle. Instead we have special age appropriate learning environments for our kids – Amazing Place & UpStreet.

We partner with parents and provide them with tools to help their kids grow spiritually. Parents are the most important spiritual leaders of their children. It is the place of the church to come along side them to reinforce their influence.

Safety and health are important to us. Everyone who works with children or students is screened, background checked, and trained. Rooms and contents are disinfected. We are careful to follow Covid safety guidelines.

Amazing Place
Amazing Place graphic

Amazing Place is for preschool kids age 3 months to 4 years.

Not just childcare, Amazing Place is designed to introduce our youngest to God's amazing love, and appreciate God's amazing creation.

During the time kids are with us in Amazing Place, we want them to learn three important things–

  • God Made Me
  • God Loves Me
  • Jesus Wants To Be My Friend Forever
UpStreet graphic

UpStreet is for kids Kindergarten through fifth grade.

Kids spend part of their time in UpStreet in large group worship that includes music and hearing a Bible‐based Life App from the Storyteller.

They also spend time in age graded small groups with a Leader who helps them figure out how the Life App looks in their daily life.

There are three important things UpStreet kids are always hear–

  • I Need To Make The Wise Choice
  • I Can Trust God No Matter What
  • I Should Treat Others The Same Way I Want To Be Treated

Children' Ministry FAQ's…

  • Is my kid going to be safe?
  • Can my children stay with me during worship?

Child Safety


If you insist, but we strongly encourage you to let your children attend their own age appropriate kid‐centered worship environment.

  • They will be safely.
  • You can enjoy our adult worship environment free of distractions.
  • Your child will learn Biblical truth in an age appropriate ways.
  • Your child will enjoy their experience more and want to come back!

Can my kids stay with me during worship?